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Scranton Alcohol Rehab Centers make it their mission to help those who are suffering through the dangerous cycle of addiction. Based on the information that you provide to us via an initial patient assessment, we will match you to an appropriate treatment facility.

Placing you in the best facility based on your exact needs will help you to achieve long-lasting sobriety. Whether you require medically-assisted detox, dual diagnosis treatment, or alternative therapy treatment options, you can have a better chance at lifelong sobriety with the help of quality treatment facilities.

Addiction is a very dangerous, life-threatening, and incurable disease of the body, mind, and spirit. Whether the nature of the addiction is at a high or low level. It's still, alike any other incurable disease, maintains the capacity to regress or progress.

This is why it's so imperative to seek addiction treatment at a high-quality treatment center before it progresses to a point by which there is no return.

Understanding and realizing that entering a drug rehab is essential to your well-being will allow you to make the conscious decision to join a treatment center.

Your assessment will allow us to narrow down your exact needs so that the centers can construct a treatment plan that may help you to achieve a life-long sobriety.

If you are ready to seek the help of a treatment facility, contact Scranton Alcohol Rehab Centers today at (570) 291-6279.

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